Paroles Rinky Dink Song de David Rovics

David Rovics
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  • Artiste: David Rovics22820
  • Chanson: Rinky Dink Song
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Textes et Paroles de Rinky Dink Song

It's a pedal-powered radio stationIt'll fire up your imaginationIt's a sound system, it'll make you danceMight make you jump right outta your pantsTraveling roadshow microphoneWith a bicycle seat as the throneIf you see it you'll agreeIt's right there on your frequencyIt's the Rinky Dink, Rinky DinkWhen you're feeling on the brinkIt'll make you laugh, it'll make you thinkTalking about that Rinky DinkThe soap's a-bubbling, breeze is blowingAin't no telling where it's goingThe windmill's swinging with the tribeIt's that day-glo, solar vibeStop a riot, it's been doneIt'll part the clouds and bring the sunIt don't matter where you've beenJust sit on down and tune right inIt's the Rinky Dink, Rinky DinkJust might be the missing linkIt'll make you nod, it'll make you winkTalking about that Rinky DinkThey'll come rolling through your townYou might go up and never come downIt's the cure for air pollutionIt's the Rinky Dink solutionFolks'll wonder, folks'll stareKids'll jump into their chairBefore they go you know the rubPut a quid into the tubIt's the Rinky Dink, Rinky DinkIt'll ease up any kinkIt'll make your troubles shrinkTalking about that Rinky DinkThe Rinky Dink, Rinky DinkGive those folks something to drinkTurn the pedals, clackity-clinkTalking about that Rinky Dink

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