Paroles Roller Coaster Train de David Rovics

David Rovics
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  • Artiste: David Rovics22820
  • Chanson: Roller Coaster Train
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Textes et Paroles de Roller Coaster Train

I live in the city, I travel on the subwayThat's how I get around usually once or twice a dayIt can be kinda dull 'til one day that all changedWhen I was a-ridin' on a roller coaster train I don't know quite what happened, but somethin' surely didThe businessman beside me and his coffee flipped its lidNormal operations just went right down the drainWhen I was a-ridin' on a roller coaster trainNormally the subway just goes straight aheadBut that day it went side to side and around it quickly spedSuitcases were flyin', they came down like the rainWhen I was a-ridin' on a roller coaster trainIt was not a good day to be eatin' chicken soup'Cause that train went up and it went down, then it did a loopI swear to you that mornin' was really quite insaneWhen I was a-ridin' on a roller coaster trainFirst it turned a corner, then it turned aroundNext thing we all knew we were upside downSomeone's groceries were airborne, out flew a candy caneWhen I was a-ridin' on a roller coaster trainI had coffee on my pants, chicken soup upon my cheekBy the time the subway stopped I felt just a little weakAnd there was a woozy feelin' somewhere in my brainWhen I finally got off of that roller coaster train

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