Paroles The War is Over de David Rovics

David Rovics
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  • Artiste: David Rovics22820
  • Chanson: The War is Over
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Textes et Paroles de The War is Over

The President stood in front of the jet planesThe rubble's all settled and democracy reignsWe've defeated their army and taken controlDropped thousands of bombs, and they've taken their tollThe oil's on fire, just like the bloodOf a billion Muslims dragged through the mudAnd the world is safer with the dictator goneAnd their lot will improve with our corporate pawnThe war is over, that's what he saidGo back to your business, we've buried the deadAnd the war is overFatherless children have taken the streetAll that remains is the sting of defeatHomes are in ruins, cancer is rifeFor soldiers and newborns, the end of a lifeKids grown up with just hunger and fearBut lo, behold, the Yankees are hereAnd now all you people are gonna be free'Cause this land was made for Chevron and meAnd the war is over, that's what he saidJust turn on your TV, we've buried the deadAnd the war is overThe government files are all up in flamesHis victims of torture, who remembers their namesThe past doesn't matter but the future is brightAs the Exxon refinery lights up the nightHistory's looted like the library's shelvesBut we'll fill them with Bibles, be proud of ourselves,Turn your schools into compounds, make room for us allIf you're missing your legs you can learn how to crawlThe war is over, that's what he saidForget it all happened, we've buried the deadAnd the war is overAnd the price was worth it, yeah we'd do it againWith bombs or with sanctions, kids, women and men'Cause we have national interests and they must be metWe will enforce them by treaty or jetAnd when time has passed and we've had some restWe'll find a new villain 'cause that's what we do bestMaybe a sultan or a grandson of MaoBut don't trouble your conscience because as of nowThe war is over, that's what he saidJust put it behind you, we've buried the deadAnd the war is over

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