Paroles Aquaman de David Tanny

David Tanny
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  • Artiste: David Tanny50592
  • Chanson: Aquaman
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Textes et Paroles de Aquaman

Hi dolphin.
dolphin says hi
Wanna go swimming with me?
dolphin says yes.
OK. I'll jump in.

I'm an Aquaman, in an aqualand,
Spending my time, fighting crime.
I will save your life, I'll rescue your wife.
I'm no zero, I'm a superhero.

I am not as well known, as most heroic men,
such as Spiderman, Bat-man, and the Superman.
But I really do know, how to fight for your right,
I can defeat bad guys, with my might.

I can live, in the sea.
I am part of the Justice League

repeat chorus

I commu-nicate with, all the forms of sea life,
I can swim very fast, I can win every strife.
All my peers ignore me, I can't get me a date,
Wonder Woman don't care, because I'm not so great.

I control, everything, in the sea, that's my thing.
I can swim, at high speeds, so you villians better heed.


OK Dolphin, Let's go clubbin!
OK Dolphin, Let's go clubbin!
OK Dolphin, Let's go clubbin!
OK Dolphin, Let's go clubbin!

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