Paroles Dead Bug de David Tanny

David Tanny
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  • Artiste: David Tanny50592
  • Chanson: Dead Bug
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Textes et Paroles de Dead Bug

Dead bug on the wall,
Dead bug on the wall,
It no longer flies,
It no longer crawls,

I killed the bug last week,
I smashed it with a shoe,
It's still there today,
Dry blood splattered too.

It doesn't bother me,
As long as it is dead.
Dead bug on the wall,
That is what I said.

Should I clean it off?
Should I leave it there?
It won't move again,
It'll stay forever.

It looks so funny
Flattened out like that,
When I smashed the bug,
All the guts went splat.

Will a spider eat it?
Should I paint over it?
I sure ain't gonna lick it!
Will a bird steal it?

Dead bug on the wall,
It's still there today
in my living room,
it looks weird that way.

All of my neighbors,
See the dead bug there.
They all want one too,
I didn't think they care.

I am going to take
a saw and cut out
a piece with the dead
smashed up bug on it.

I will snap a picture
of the piece today.
I am going to
sell it on eBay.

Dead bug on the wall
for sale on eBay.
How much is it worth?
How much will they pay?

On the second thought,
I'll just leave it there,
People like to see it,
It is just so rare.

Dead bug on the wall,
It can't do a thing,
It can't play Atari,
It can't even sing.

It's fun to have a
dead bug on the wall.
That's it for my song,
That is really all.

Dead bug on the wall,
Dead bug on the wall,
Dead bug on the wall,
Dead bug on the wall.

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