Paroles Jeopardy de David Tanny

David Tanny
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  • Chanson: Jeopardy
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Textes et Paroles de Jeopardy

I once played this brain game on TV,
But I blew my chance for big money,
Oh I have lost, on Jeopardy.

I'm not half as smart I used to be,
Now it looks I made a fool of me,
On Jeopardy, I lost you see.

Why, I, lost this game,
I don't know, I wasn't me,
Got, all, questions wrong,
I'm no good, at Jeopardy.

It was such an easy game to play,
Now I need a place to hide away,
I don't believe, in Jeopar-day.

I, thought, I could win,
But the oth-er guys beat me,
I, won't, play again,
I won't watch no more Jeopardy.

When I buzz in wrong I lost money,
Art Fleming just said "No, Sorry,"
That's how I lost, on Jeopardy.

You can be straight or you can be gay,
You may still lose this game either way,
Swing both ways with Jeo-par-day

O-, ver, two of three,
folks have lost, this game like me,
Now, they, all do think,
"I can't win, on Jeopardy."

I stole this tune for my parody,
To the Beatles I am so sorry,
Oh I have lost, on Jeopardy.
Mmm mmmmmm mmm mmmmmm, mmm mmmmmm mmm mmmmmm

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