Paroles Watch the Frog de David Tanny

David Tanny
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  • Chanson: Watch the Frog
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Textes et Paroles de Watch the Frog

Watch the Frog
Watch the Frog
I Said watch the frog.
And I said no.
You're gonna watch the frog.
Oh no I'm not!
Yes you are.
You wanna make me?
Make you what?
Watch the frog.
That's what you're doing tonight.
Why not?
The Frog sucks.
Why does the frog suck?
Because what?
Just because.
Because you don't like TV?
That's not the because.
What's the because?
There's nothing on the Frog.
Yes there is.
Name some shows.
7th Heaven.
Gilmore Girls.
Show is for chicks.
Where are the midgets?
What Midgets?
They're small people.
They should be in smallville.
It's about Superman.
Then it should be called Strongville.
You're weird.
What else is on?
Alyssa Milano is hot.
They're too scary to date.
What do you like?
Not on the frog.
Lord of the Rings.
Not on the frog.
Not on the frog.
Harry Potter.
Not on the frog.
Where are the good shows?
On the frog.
Where's Buffy the Vampire Slayer?
Dawson's Creek?
Sabrina the Teenage Witch?
Star Trek Enterprise?
No, that's on UPN.
That's a good show.
So is Reba.
I don't care for middle aged women shows.
Watch the Frog!
Nothing's on the Frog you idiot!
Watch the Frog!
I prefer cable.
What's on cable?
South Park.
Not on the frog.
Not on the frog.
What's Happening?
Not on the frog.
Why can't you just go off the air?
Nothing's on the Frog!
Yes there is.
What do you like?
On the Frog?
Draw a blank?
I told you so!
Nothing's on the Frog.
Wanna watch some hockey on cable?
There's a good battle on now.
Don't watch the Frog. I quit.
Now you're talking.
Me like hockey!
Me like hockey!
Me like hockey!

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