Paroles Drowning In Dreams de Dawn Of Dreams

Dawn Of Dreams
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  • Chanson: Drowning In Dreams
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Textes et Paroles de Drowning In Dreams

Sometimes when I look into my mind
There is a place I have to find
It's a world without no borders
There is no law, there are no orders
I fly away into the sky
I've lost control, I'm flying high
And on top of the highest place
I see your beautiful face

If you are alone just close your eyes
Come with me and see the sun arise
My journey into freedom has just begun
See all the things that have to come
You're not alone inside your mind
There is a place you have to find
Come with me in my domain
And be a part... of my game...

I wish that my dream becomes true
'Cos all I want is to be with you
Life in not how it seems
Just again I'm drowning in dreams...

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