Paroles Perfectly Blind de Day 26

Day 26
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  • Artiste: Day 2630016
  • Chanson: Perfectly Blind
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Textes et Paroles de Perfectly Blind

My wide eyes, straight with red lines
Visions of me and you
Shattered in a day like broken glass

Perfectly blind, still perfectly blind
Perfectly blind, please somebody help me
Perfectly blind, I need an answer
Perfectly blind, perfectly

My last war, heart is torn
Violently craving
Substitute for you, for you

These eyes see darkness
These eyes see through
These eyes are begging
These eyes are you

Perfectly blind, perfectly blind
Perfectly blind, Oh
Perfectly blind, I don't know what I'm gonna do right now
Perfectly blind, Said i am

Won't you take me as I am
I'm just a scarred man
These hands need your guidance
Take me past the circumstance

Perfectly blind, blind
Perfectly blind, I cannot see anything when your around me
Perfectly blind, So blind
Perfectly blind, So, Oh Oh

So blind, so blind, so blind, so blind
But its okay, but it's okay
I wanna be lost in you, lost in you
I wanna be lost in you
Be afraid to leave me when you want me to go
And yes I'm going to follow, follow, oh no

(Thanks to Calicia for these lyrics)

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