Paroles Wings Of Icarus (A Tale Of Trust) de Days In The Grave

Days In The Grave
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  • Artiste: Days In The Grave22873
  • Chanson: Wings Of Icarus (A Tale Of Trust)
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Textes et Paroles de Wings Of Icarus (A Tale Of Trust)

Run through these fields To rest with the dead (wings of Icarus) Shriek at the thought Too close to your sun (wings of Icarus) Die on your cross Fall into your bliss (wings of Icarus) Where did my eyes go Look to future failures (wings of Icarus) Wings of Icarus, Wings of Ignorance, afford us height above the new dawn of tomorrow. Unspoken vows of unbroken trust, set us apart from those who may wish to harm us. But wings aren't needed to fly, trust isn't found only in the sky. Simply the acknowledgement of the masses, for those to seek higher ground. How far did you fall Or is it just me (wings of Icarus) Wings of the past Wings of Icarus (wings of Icarus) So now what is left for me I wanted everything Mountains, Earth, and the sea I needed everything Take what you had for me I don't need anything And so set yourself free I have no reasons So then you think to yourself Where has all this taken me From point a to point b and the decisions in between Was it really me, or was my fate already determined Because it's the experiences we go through as we live That determine how we think, how we decide Free will Think again

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