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  • Chanson: Gah Ta Be
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Textes et Paroles de Gah Ta Be

Now you can have all the fun and money man can have
Sport a Porche or carry Gucci bags
You can gear in gold from your chest to your chin
But if you don't know the Savior, you'll never get in
The gates of hell shall prevail on your soul
If makin' money, shakin' honeys is your lifelong goal
There's a plan laid before you that can change the above
It can fit any man like a hand in a glove
There's only one way to heaven and that won't change
Cause my almighty Father's not respectful of names
So be saved

Saved, you gah ta be saved
Saved, you gah ta be saved
Saved, you gah ta be saved
Saved, you gah ta be saved

I once knew a politician upon Capitol Hill
Attended all the right parties cause he voted on bills
He had big friends, he drove a Benz
But a life full of strife cause he was livin' in sin
He said he wasn't satisfied with life as it was
Everything he'd always wanted simply wasn't enough
When he asked me why so happy, I had to confess
I got Christ in my life, I've been more than blessed
You see there's nothin' wrong with finer things in life
But an eternity in heaven ain't displayin' a price
So be saved

(repeat chorus)

You gotta know it and believe it
You gotta show it and receive it

(repeat chorus)

From a brother to another, I'm not doggin' the bucks
Cause a bum without the Father is a bum outta luck
No mention of exemption, no requirements waived
To enter through the gates ya gotta gotta be saved
Don't make it complex, straight up text
No matter what race, creed, color, or sex
Accept Him, don't reject Him, heed the call of the Christ
He's at your heart's door knockin', He awaits a reply
This life is temporary, lay your treasures above
Eternal life is offered through His infinite love
Be saved

(repeat chorus)

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