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  • Chanson: It's Killing Me
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Textes et Paroles de It's Killing Me

Hello, goodbye
I wanted to see, but I guess I
I don't have the strength to speak tonight
It's tricky sometimes
When you wanted to run, you'd always hide
You can't find the truth behind the lies

Another day and I'm on my feet, yeah
But the street feels like it's sleeping
I'm on a mission and it ain't too sweet
You're the reason I'm afraid
Said, you're the reason I'm afraid

But I want you to know
It's killing me
I think I gotta let go
Cause it's killing me
You're gonna do what you want
But you better believe
It's killing me

Love never dies
It's the reason that I won't compromise
But sometimes you fall before you fly

I've seen it coming for quite some time, man
I don't know what you're thinking
How can the two of us walk in stride
If we don't see eye to eye
You got me all messed up inside

(repeat chorus)

Is it too late in the game
There is no one left to blame
I will always mention you
To the one that I pray to

(repeat chorus)

Why can't you see that you're killing me

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