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  • Chanson: Looking For You
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Textes et Paroles de Looking For You

Wide awake, chasing sleep
Life's so bittersweet
Like a dream, remembering
When I could talk to you
We were safe in a world of harm
Before I knew it our love was gone
I miss you so much

I'm looking for you
Cause you're all that's true to me
You make me smile

I had to fall, and lose it all
But that's all right with me
You pushed aside my selfish pride
You opened up my eyes
When I was lost you came to me
You crossed the oceans to set me free
I need you so much

(repeat chorus)

You, you're all I ever needed
I know, I know
Only you, you're all I ever wanted
I know, I know
You, you're more than a dream
Yeah, you're everything
My own symphony, you're my destiny

(repeat chorus)

I'm Looking for you
Ooh, I sing this for you
Cause nothing's as true to me
You make me smile
So I smile, yeah I smile
Every time I think of you
I smile, I do
Oh, every time I think of you

I'm looking for you
Cause you are my soul's desire
I'm searching for you
Yes, you are my soul's desire
I'm looking for you
Cause you are my soul's desire
You are my soul's desire
My soul's desire
My soul's desire
(Oh yeah, oh yeah)
You are, you are

My soul's desire, My my my soul's desire
Oh yeah, oh yeah, You are, You are

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