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  • Chanson: Mr. Morgan Act I
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Textes et Paroles de Mr. Morgan Act I

My name is [Richard?] Morgan
And I live next door to
Where the Gotee's sit
Well, I layed in the bed
After I get eye operated on that day
And I heard the drummer beatin' over next door
And I asked my wife, I said,
"Did you hear that noise over next door?"
She said, "yeah"
I said, "Well you won't hear it long
'Cause I'm gone stop it"
So I got up, put my clothes on
And I went over there and I beat on the door
I had this patch over my eye and
Toby stuck his head out 'round the shade
And I told him to get hisself out here
I wanted to see him
And a man told me I'd have to
Come over there with a baseball bat
But I won't need no baseball bat
To whip Toby if I have to wip him
So he cut the noise out and
So I come on back home and went to bed
And slept the rest of the night
They quieted down over there now
And I never have no more trouble out of 'em
[They] infact they're all good boys now
So that's about all I know I guess [3x]

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