Paroles Sign Of The Dark de De Infernali

De Infernali
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  • Artiste: De Infernali8505
  • Chanson: Sign Of The Dark
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Textes et Paroles de Sign Of The Dark

This is the path of the strong
marked with glory and grace for long.
I have heard my destiny's voice,
and heard my master's call, I will not fall...

This is the path of the strong
the road I was set to wander in
with glory in sight and pleasure to sin,
I've wandered here for long

Branded with the Devil's mark,
We know it's the sign of the dark.

Towards the end I carry on
and with pride I march ahead.
Knowing my destiny has been inbred,
knowing in fact that I've already won.

The star I beseech leads me through.

I know I`m among the chosen few.
And with pride I march ahead
knowing my destiny has been inbred.

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