Paroles You Should Be So Lucky de Dead Serious

Dead Serious
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  • Chanson: You Should Be So Lucky
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Textes et Paroles de You Should Be So Lucky

Whats it all about to you
you want to dye your hair, have everyone stare
it takes more than looking like a frea
noone wakes up and decides they're a punk
its something you feel, its something you live
these are things that you take, but you have to give
so many have given so much more
you dont know what you want
so there's the door
get the fuck out
you should be so fucking lucky
kids have fought and died for this scene
and you still dont know what it means
take a look around
how many people are gonna keep us down
are you gonna fight them all
real punks use their head, there's so few of us
we dont need another dead
and im sorry for the loss
but youll never realize the cost
this world is gonna keep us down
till you open your eyes, and look around
will you see what we havedo you even fucking care
this world is gonna keep us down
till you open your eyes and look around
will you see what we have
do you even fucking care
you should be so fucking lucky

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