Paroles Don't You Ever Hurt de Dead Soul Tribe

Dead Soul Tribe
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  • Artiste: Dead Soul Tribe8515
  • Chanson: Don't You Ever Hurt
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Textes et Paroles de Don't You Ever Hurt

I hear the words you're telling me
I don't believe what you say
I fear the world you're selling me
It's not worth what we must pay

Don't you ever hurt?

The weight of my wishes is breaking me
But I would not put them down
I don't like the places they're taking me
But I would not turn around

I have no time for scenery
To watch the Sun going down
The hands of time seemingly
Turning faster around

Don't you ever hurt?

Don't you feel this frustration
Feel it burning inside
Don't you feel the temptation
To let this whole thing collide together

Take me back to the place we're from
Back to where you and I belong
Pray this madness has come and gone
Change is coming, we have not long

All of this cold machinery
One day won't be around
All our possessions
Our everything
Won't be keeping us bound

Don't you ever hurt?

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