Paroles Let The Hammer Fall de Dead Soul Tribe

Dead Soul Tribe
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  • Artiste: Dead Soul Tribe8515
  • Chanson: Let The Hammer Fall
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Textes et Paroles de Let The Hammer Fall

Wanted to feel something real
Can't find it in the city
As long as I stay, ain't no way I'm gonna find it here
Want to conceal what I feel
Because it ain't too pretty

Let the hammer fall down
Won't you let the hammer fall down

Some people say that the day is going to be tomorrow
Others contend that the end is never coming here
One thing I know is that no one will be safe from sorrow
When the hammer falls down, honey
When the hammer falls down

Always know that I will love you
Let the hammer fall down
Always know that I still love you
Let the hammer fall down

Part of the scheme in my dream is clouded in my vision
All that I say takes away another part of me
One thing for sure, that the cure for this sad condition

Let the hammer fall down
Honey, let the hammer fall down

One blade of grass through the cracks in the broken city
Kind of reminds me that Eden wants to come again
The mightiest tower standing, obliterated
When the hammer falls down, honey
When the hammer falls down

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