Paroles Two Young Kids de Debbie Gibson

Debbie Gibson
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  • Chanson: Two Young Kids
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Textes et Paroles de Two Young Kids

Sitting at the table tonight
You look so beautiful
In the candlelight
And looking at her, looking at him
After fifty years

I pictured you and I and candlelight
And we would look so beautiful
And two young kids
Would be wishing they were us

Time it is a vision unclear
Blessed with adventure and full of fear
And looking at her, looking at him
Made it seem so easy

You're looking natural in my eyes
We found life's wonderful surprise
And someday two young kids
Will be wishing they were us

Perfect love exists
I've seen it for myself
It's not kisses and moonlight serenades
It's two people holding on to happiness
Before it fades

I just cannot be here without you
Darling what's this heart supposed to do
It's suddenly here crystal clear
You are the one

I picture flowers and me dressed in white
And you and I and candlelight
And two young kids
Just wishing they were us

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