Paroles Myth de Delerium

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  • Artiste: Delerium3397
  • Chanson: Myth
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Textes et Paroles de Myth

it's a weird game. i'm lonely without skin. no end to begin and only
your mind to hide in. i nudge life. like an unborn child. a dream
inside but now i live behind your eyes. i'm uninvited. and i'm only
a memory that comes through.

i'm living in your dreams. i'm where you cannot be. i'm way out
of your reach. i'm living in your dreams. i'm where you cannot see.
is it you or is it me?

i can't protect what you can't forget. but now i live behind your
eyes. you recognize me as only a memory that comes through.

i'm living in your dreams. i'm where you cannot go. beyond everything
you know. i'm living in your dreams. you won't find me anywhere.
i've vanished in the air.

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