Paroles C U @ The Cinema de Deloris

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  • Artiste: Deloris23130
  • Chanson: C U @ The Cinema
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Textes et Paroles de C U @ The Cinema

I'll see you at the cinema
yellow brooches of logo's in your hair
I'll see you from the cafeteria
ripping up tickets on the stairs

I'll be the one to turn off the video
when you fall asleep and still
need someone to know
I'll be the one to turn up the stereo
so your dogs have some company
for when we go

hey I hear what your saying
but I think it sounds dumb
and not much fun
so if you're going to go
I'll pay for this one
I never thought we'd be this much

and this breeze
is something that you feel
when you know
summers on your heels
and I feel
that this year will be our best

hey I hear what you're saying
and I think it sounds dumb
and not much fun
so If you're going to go
I'll pay for this one
I never thought we'd be this much

I'll see you at the cinema
pushing roses up on the screen
and I hope you won't think I'm inferior
when I point you out
to all my friends on the street

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