Paroles Cataclysm de Demolition Hammer

Demolition Hammer
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  • Artiste: Demolition Hammer8617
  • Chanson: Cataclysm
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Textes et Paroles de Cataclysm

Solar holocaust
Accumulating frost
An icy tomb awaits you
Polar caps build
Glaciers rumble from the poles
Ice covered regions
Earth's crust
Frigid tundra syndrome
Massive bergs surmount
Humongous body count
Instant termination
Gouging, erosion
Tons of ice, never thaw
Wide spread permafrost
Imprisoned by stalagmites
Frozen heritage
Petrified oceans
Crushing weight of glaciers
Frozen magnitude
Massive glacial scour
Mosaic of inertness
Frigorific mass
Bitter cold persist
Crustal deformation
Catastrophic blizzard
Abrasive fragments gouge
Frost bitten limbs
Fossilized life form
Ragged, perimeter
Abuts Black Sea
Absolute zero
Impaled by needle ice
Avalanche ensuing
Crystalized catacombs
Expansive power of pack ice
Retreat to the Equator
(Tundra Trudge)
[Lead Sykes]

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