Paroles Crippling Velocity de Demolition Hammer

Demolition Hammer
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  • Artiste: Demolition Hammer8617
  • Chanson: Crippling Velocity
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Textes et Paroles de Crippling Velocity

Squalid conditions, unsanitary
Vermin, infested, dwellings ordinary
Plagued rats, lice and fleas
Cohabitating human race
Subliminal terror spawns
Onslaught of the plague, mass extermination
Mourning, and sickness, disease and prevalent
Invading, bacilli
Eradicating all the world
Hysterical panic builds
High fever, chills and buboes boil
Lymph nodes swell, inflicting blackened pain
Delirium, violent emerods
Blood letting fails to ostracize
Septicemic human bordered death
Black death consumes populace at
Crippling velocity
Chaos reins supreme in plague ravaged cities
Disease was thought to be punishment
Livid spots, black and blue
Retribution smote from God
Ulcerated carbuncles
Pandemic rages on,galloping consumption
Hundreds then thousands of victim perishing
Tolling bell chronicles
Perpetual stream of death
Terminal pestilence
Infected rats die, spitting blood
Certain indication coming death
Corpse carrier drawn from the lower ranks
Those left alive apprehensive thoughts
Engendered in their burning tortured minds
Abhor and shun contact with the sick
Lesions, erupting skin
Mortified closes in
Panoramic Hell
Enthralled upon us with
Crippling velocity
[Leads Sykes, Reilly]
No one left to bear surmounting carnage
To rivers, and pits, places of internment
Infinite carcasses
Superficial burial
Overcrowded sepulcher
Putrefying stench of decaying bodies
Purple black, boundless atrocity
Afflicted children
Perish in abandonment
Immeasurable calamity
"Bring out your dead" dispose of them
Conveyed by the caravan of death
Progressive outbreak of disease
Apocalyptic nemesis
Horrifying drama of the plague
Black death consumes populace at
Crippling velocity

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