Paroles Skull Fracturing Nightmare de Demolition Hammer

Demolition Hammer
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  • Artiste: Demolition Hammer8617
  • Chanson: Skull Fracturing Nightmare
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Textes et Paroles de Skull Fracturing Nightmare

Shackles and chains and bloody meat
Walls of stone entomb
Torture chamber victim's punishment
Savage execution
Branding iron engraving your flesh
A searing horrid crime
Manacles incarcerate
Prongs impale your eyes

Endure the Iron Maiden
Insidious device
Avoiding vital organs
Coffin laced with spikes
Gruesome tools of torture
Strategically applied
Prolonging mutilation
Condemned and necrotized

Turning hte screw, increasing the force
Cranial compression
Pressure of the skullcap, crushing teeth
Cerebral explosion
Sentenced to a death of agony
Shattered broken bones
Lifeless limbs are threaded through
Reticulated spokes

Execution of the trees
Violent wretching rage
Agonized dismemberment
Limbs are disengaged
Contortion of extremities
Horrors of the rack
Stretching process, ripping flesh
Vertebrae collapse

Spate of boiling water
Funneled down the throat
Pressure on the heart and lungs
Turgid body bloats
Gruesome tools of torture
Stategically applied
Prolonging mutilation
Condemned and necrotized

Sacrificing lives with apathy
Torturing their captives ruthlessly
Misery and anguish, morbid pleas
Forgotten ghastly atrocities

Crushing bones in a cold steel vise
Decadence of life
Mass strangulation, organs crimp and bind
Diseased wounds fester, neglected
Painfully infected
Interrogation perforce confession
Begging death for reprieve

Sacrificing lives with apathy
Torturing their captives ruthlessly
Misery and anguish, morbid pleas
Forgotten ghastly atrocities

Violent requittal

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