Paroles The Promised Land de Dennis Brown

Dennis Brown
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  • Artiste: Dennis Brown56404
  • Chanson: The Promised Land
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Textes et Paroles de The Promised Land

Whooaaahh, weeeeell now, hey, whoa well

The Promised Land, going to the Promised Land
Yes the Promised Land, to the Promised Land

Make a step down to Wasmara, then we stopped in Addis Ababa
Made our way to Shshamane land, riding on the King's highway

To the Promised Land, going to the Promised Land, oh gosh
To the Promised Land, whoa, to the Promised Land, weeell

There's plenty of land for you and I, By and By
Lots of food to share for everyone, no time for segregation in the Promised Land, oh gosh

Take me to the Promised Land,
Said the Promised Land, whoa, yes the Promised Land, whooaaaahh,

Said we're, riding on the King's highway,
From a Cairo to Kenya
Made a stop in Wasmara, then we made another one in Addis Ababa

The Promised Land, going to the Promised Land, oh God
Said the Promised Land, yeah the Promised Land, whoaa

Then I said to myself, give a thanks for the Prophet, God
For he gave me the teachings so I could see
The reality of my true being and levity
There's a lot of work to be done, oh gosh, in the Promised Land

Yeah, talking 'bout the Promised Land,
Yes, to the Promised Land
The Promised Land, going to the Promised Land
Ohh, the Promised Land, whoa the Promised Land
Said the Promised Land, whoaaa yeahh, whooaa

Brother man, what are you doing for the Promised Land
Gotta take your stand and let the Prophets live on, yeahh
There's work to be done, though you can't run
Got a job to be done, so you've got to do it,
Even, a little by little,

Yes the Promised Land, going to the Promised Land
Said the Promised Land, going to the Promised Land

Prophets of the old, said the west got to perish, whooaa
Don't let your hopes and aspirations drown before you, no way
Gotta go, gotta go, got to go, I got to go, got to go

To the Promised Land, oh gosh
Yeah the Promised Land, whoooaaaaahhh!

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