Paroles Sorry Mr.Pain de Depressive Age

Depressive Age
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  • Artiste: Depressive Age8643
  • Chanson: Sorry Mr.Pain
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Textes et Paroles de Sorry Mr.Pain

[Klemp , Lubitzki]

Push me through my mirror into lonely winternights
I seek the hiding of my life
out in the deepest woods, out on the coldest hills
in a daze

Sorry, Mr. Pain. I go made without warning
Have no remorse to say goodbye to me!
Sorry, Mr. Pain, pieces of glass pierced in my skin
Snow will decorate it and freeze the veins

Don't wait any longer, follow me
Enter your mirror with a torch
My traces are fresh yet, the blood runs to my shore
See you

Sorry, Mr. Pain, we go nude without warning
Have no remorse to say Goodbye to us!
Sorry, Mr. Pain, pieces of glass pierced in our skin
Snow will decorate it and freeze the blood

Sorry, Mr. Pain, Sorry Mr. Pain
We go nude without warning, oh sorry Mr. Pain
Sorry Mr. Pain, we dive deep down in icelakes
and we meet a few old friends with longing gazes

Sorry, Mr. Pain, pieces of glass piered in our skin
Moonlight makes us glittering in the lakes
Something's wrong without pain
I am fired of this stunned state
So I will go my way until I change again

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