Paroles Darkness Falls de Derek Spear

Derek Spear
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  • Artiste: Derek Spear52792
  • Chanson: Darkness Falls
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Textes et Paroles de Darkness Falls

The daylight slowly fades away
As the closing dark surrounds you
Take my hand; come walk with me
There's something I must show you

Fields of white now fill your eyes
As a freezing wind embraces you
Off in the distance a fortress stands
It's been waiting there for you

The time will come; the writing's on the wall
The deed is done; blood torrents fill the hall
No one will hear your distress calls
No one will come when darkness falls

Darkness falls

Trapped inside this twisted maze
As the lurking monster chases you
There's nowhere left to run or hide
Time is running out for you

The time has come; the writing's on the wall
The day is gone; there's no refuge left at all
No one will hear your distress calls
No one will come as darkness falls

The time has come; the blood is on the wall
The monster's close; brings terror for us all
Will no one hear my desperate calls?
Will no one come as darkness falls?

Darkness falls!

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