Paroles X Million de Desa

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  • Artiste: Desa18950
  • Chanson: X Million
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Textes et Paroles de X Million

When kids dream, they dream of brand names
Lined up on the fence while we take aim
Nevermind the lies
They go great with your new disguise
I know it never crossed your mind
It was engineered not to
Because we know you will love whatever marketing thinks of
Just follow Miss Vuitton
She'll give you something to believe in
and your soul won't feel a thing

Dance around the burning dollars
X million sold
Sing it for the burning dollars
X million sold
Advertised appetites satisfied for a price
Dance around the burning dollars and kiss your innocence goodbye

Circling like sharks around us
Flashing icons gagged and bound us
We're all ears and eyes upon which are capitalized
We lust for whatever bait is laid
so everyone will love us just like a star

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