Paroles Blue Moment de Deuteronomium

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  • Artiste: Deuteronomium8710
  • Chanson: Blue Moment
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Textes et Paroles de Blue Moment

These white snowy regions
Dyed to blue for a moment
Before this cold winter day
Disappears into the dark night

You watch as the sun retreats
Into the gloomy darkness
Of spruce forest
Wondering if it will never find
It's way back to day and light

This is the blue moment of your life
Sad things bring sad feelings
And you don't know if you
Will rise or fall
Is this the end or a start for
Something new?

You approach the gloomy
Embrace of the spruces
I pray that the angels would
Guide your feet
And as you vanish from my
Sight, I know
Only the Creator of Life
Can heal your heart

You roam at the edge of
Death's icy chasm
But even then you won't
Slip, you won't step astray
Soon you'll find a bridge
And cross the chasm
Between the branches
You'll see the
Glimmer of day
Glimmer of light
Glimmer of hope
Glimmer of Christ

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