Paroles The Misleader de Deuteronomium

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  • Artiste: Deuteronomium8710
  • Chanson: The Misleader
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Textes et Paroles de The Misleader

See this pain in my empty eyes
And the hopelessness as my flame slowly dies?
The last seed of hope was taken away
As I saw the end for pain hanging at the end of the rope
Noose will be my only company as I take my last breath

Killing self kills the pain and brings the peace
I assume, but what if pain never ceases?
Life can be hell, would it stop with a bang?
Love and death embrace the rope on which I hang
Still something keeps me an inch away from death

Follow the misleader, follow
Claiming to be a solution for pain
Fulfiller of dreams and the ceaser of sorrow
He is the misleader, follow

Just wondering why are my thoughts so unclear
Easing the pain shouldn't raise this kind of fear
So why do I need the booze to blow the fear away?
Until I know the answer, on this chair my feet will stay
Standing there through the night, the dawn will see me pray

See this pain in my anguished heart
And the hopelessness that tears my soul apart?
Very clearly I hear those words all around
End for the pain, through death it is found
Sinless man died for you, don't have to throw your life away!

Follow the Misleader, no more
Christ came to be the solution for pain
Donor of Life and the ceaser of sorrow
He is the true Leader, follow

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