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Diamond Rio
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  • Chanson: You'll Find Me
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Textes et Paroles de You'll Find Me

(Tommy Connors/D. Vincent Williams)

Up and off to work again, going through the motions
I bet she tried to warn me and I didn't even notice
'Til I got home and found her gone
Left with just a letter
Folded with a key on top
Sitting on the dresser
I opened it
It simply read

Look and you will find me
I won't be that far
I'll be right here waiting for you with open arms
I don't want to live without you
But I can't go on like this
Torn between the man I love and the one I'm living with
It's a conflict of emotion
To my heart I must be true
I know that I need you
But you have to need me too
So if you get home and miss me in your life
You'll find me

I called her family asked everyone who knows her
Telling them in detail all the things I should have told her
How much she really means to me and how much I'm regretting
But so far no one's heard from her and all that I am left with
Is how I let her go
And the letter she wrote "saying you'll find me"

I spent the next eight hours wondering where on earth you were
It was getting late, I was getting tired and growing more concerned
When all at once it hit me, that piano bar back home
Where I asked you to marry me
And there you were alone

I knew I would find you
And how it warmed my heart
To see you right there waiting for me with open arms
Said I don't know where I'm going, but I can't go on like this
The thought of life without you is something I just can't live with
It's a conflict of emotion
To my heart I must be true
You told me that you need me
Well, girl I need you too
So if you come home and want me in your life
You'll find me
You'll find me
You'll find me

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