Paroles And If You See Him de Diana Ross

Diana Ross
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  • Chanson: And If You See Him
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Textes et Paroles de And If You See Him

And if you see him
Tell him I miss him
Tell him I feel so bad
For messing up what we had

And if you see him
Tell him I'm sorry
And I regret the day
I let him walk away

And I want to be by his side
And I need his love and pride
And I need him

And if you see him
Tell him I'm begging
I'll do a song and dance
Just for a second chance

And if you see him
Tell him just how I look
The circles underneath my eyes
The make up don't seem to hide

And I stay awake every night
And I pray that he just might walk in
And love me
Walk in and love me

I miss him more than he'll ever know
Tell him he was
My everything
He was more than just a flame
And I need him
I miss him

And if you see him
Tell him my fire
No, it's just won't burn
Till the day that he returns

And I want to be by his side
And I need his love and pride
And if you see him
Tell him I'm begging

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