Paroles Big Mable Murphy de Diana Ross

Diana Ross
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  • Chanson: Big Mable Murphy
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Textes et Paroles de Big Mable Murphy

Way back in '29...1929
Somewhere in Coffeeville.
Was a Honkytonk, named Big Mable Murphy

She had a sweetheart, Mean Little Melvin
And hell would fly between them every Saturday night
Why? Because Little Melvin
He got wild on bathtub gin
Well it made him feel like he was almost twice his size
So he'd try to take over and sass big Mable
But her great big fist would black little Melvin's eyes.
Ya see, Big Mable Murphy
She loved her Little Melvin
But he never did learn to do just what she said
Cause poor Little Melvin, work up early every morning
With two black eyes and knuckle bumps on his head.

Late one rainy night
Scarface, muscle and all might,
He came in and started shoving everybody around.
Well, Big Mable Murphy
She was way back in the kitchen
So just for fun ol' Scarface, shot Little Melvin down

Early next morning
Down by the river
They say old Scarface was found real short of breath
They say he died, uh oh, the man died
From a good ol' whipping
He had two black eyes and knuckle bumps on his head

Big Mable
Big Mable Murphy
She gave him two black eyes and knuckle bumps on his head

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