Paroles Ayatollah You So de Dickies (The)

Dickies (The)
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  • Chanson: Ayatollah You So
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Textes et Paroles de Ayatollah You So

it's day number 102
it's number 101 if you're with a hindu
the shah really took us for a ride
he's leaving us to defend our national pride

ayatollah you so (khomeni)
ayatollah you so (khomeni)
ayatollah you so (khomeni)
stick around and wait for day 103

while the president's making plans
the russians just invaded afghanistan
the world's turning red and we're looking green
and we don't even have an olympic team

ayatollah you so (khomeni)
ayatollah you so (khomeni)
ayatollah you so (khomeni)
don't ask him cause he don't know

so we're going into their back yard
helicopters falling down, down, down, down
they don't even have to sound an alarm
another chopper's falling down, down, down, down

now it's day 365
no one in america is left alive
the yankee prisoners are left to tell the tale
it's hard to recognise them cause they're wearing a veil

ayatollah you so (khomeni)
ayatollah you so (khomeni)
ayatollah you so (khomeni)
there's no iran anymore

send them the shah
send them his ma
i can't drive my car
someone send them the shah
send helicopters in like it was mash
and turn six soldiers into corned beef hash
ayatollah you so

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