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Digital Underground
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  • Chanson: Want It All
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Textes et Paroles de Want It All

[Shock G]
I wanna go up downtown get around town
Out of town for about a month overnight
While the sun's shining bright in the middle
Of the warm cold freezing hot night, that's all

[Money B]
I wanna put it in out through over and under
Shake and bake, first take heed the boots and blunder
I'm ready to feel the ninth wonder, ready for it all

[Shock G]
When I'm way up high I walk the edge I'm on the verge
I get the urge I wanna jump can't do it suicide
But I wonder what it's like to fall, cause I want it all

[Humpty Hump]
Lemme get a fruit juice lemon drop soda pop
Popcorn candy bar chocolate ice cream and hennessy
I want it aalll, yeah, I want it aaallll!
Yo, I want Anita Laquita Shakiyla Lolita
Diana Hannah Rosanna, dookie-braid wearing Kelly
Shelly the redhead and big booty Emily, I want em all

Yo I wanna smoke about an ounce and bounce
To your local discount lah spot picking up large amounts
I wanna pound extra thick quinton asked no questions
Nuff lah for the session, I want it all


[Shock G]
I wanna have a tight body meet a physically fit girl named Holly
Who likes to ride the bikes exercise and go running
But I also wanna lay around the rest and get blunted

[Humpty Hump]
I want a fat crib and a car and boat and a good business
And a dope biznitch to share the fantasy with me
And live virtually responsibility free, I want it all g

[Shock G]
I goes for mine all the time I'm first in line
You better get behind me, you're no friend of mine see
I want it all, I like to kick the knowledge and do good
But I still wanna be that pimp nigga in the hood
Yes, I want it all
I wanna lay back like a mack while you do me
I wanna get did but then again I wanna do you
I wanna please you, I wanna doo woo you
Do you want it all?

[Humpty Hump]
We gotta be safe but I wanna be nasty
We gotta bust quick but then again
I'm trying to make it last you see
Do you want it all

[Money B]
Check it out, I wanna stack and be the fat rat
Get a map flat on the hill drive a Lac
Still I wanna be back down in the hood
So I can chill with the brothers that's from there
You know we're in there I want it all

[Shock G]
I wanna clown with my homies
I wanna do three-sixtys in a '69 Camaro
I wanna drop my clutch tyres scream
Bust a cloud of smoke wreck the scene
And then jet like an arrow
But then again I gotta please the ladies
So I need a clean six-four and a drop-top Mercedes
I want it all
I wanna be as fly as the others, I wanna freak my brothers
With the underground street thing
But then again I wanna make my mother proud
With the Grammy nominee thing
I wanna pleeeaase all my sisters, let me give you the world!
But I can't get Japanese girls out of my system
And I wanna do a grey girl
I wanna live righteous so I might just
Follow Malcolm and kick it like Farrakhan
But then when the lights are gone
I'm out in the street acting crazy
It's great to be alive, I wonder what it's like to die
I wanna live drug free and I wanna be sober
But I wanna get HIGH until the world is over

[Humpty Hump]
I wanna be a real humanitarian
Eat fish and become a vegetarian
But after the party's over at 2am
Then I wanna get a fat burger

Can't be bought but I'm up for sale
I'm going to heaven I'm going to hell
I like the day I like the night
I like the dark I like to bite

[Money B]
I wanna jack a rasta for his car keys get some dee
A kilo and gets some hoes get my stack on attack
And smoke a full tank of [???], I also wanna stop crying
I want it all

[Humpty Hump]
I wanna stay inside I wanna get out and kick it
I like to mingle I wanna get married wanna stay single
(Money-B: Married?! Hell No)
I wanna be this I wanna be that
I don't know where I'm going
Don't know where I'm coming from
But I know where I'm going
Everything is everything nothing is nothing

I want fancy cars and diamond rings
I wanna do that ghetto thing
I want a wife and kids and nice big home
And next week I wanna be all alone
I want everything!


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