Paroles Knives Of Ice de Dim Mak

Dim Mak
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  • Artiste: Dim Mak23399
  • Chanson: Knives Of Ice
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Textes et Paroles de Knives Of Ice

Blood Red Comet Crimson Sword
Herald Of Impending Storm
Angry Skies Dark With Scorn
Howling Winds Exalting War
Driving Rains To Batter Flesh
Norther Slays With Impudence
Heart Of Darkness Cyclonic
Assassin Of The Elements

Frozen, Knives Of Ice Knives Of Ice 4x

Cold Noreaster Show Your Strength
Slake Us With Your Violence
Dark Clouds Vomit Slicing Hail
Silver Dragon Vengeance Fell
Bury Bones In Snow So Steep
Frozen In Eternal Sleep
Vicious Torrent Raging Winds
Paralyzing Crystalline

Frozen, Knives Of Ice Knives Of Ice [4x]

Rain On Them With Torrential Pain
Batter Them With Your Winds Of Hate
Send Them To A Frozen Grave
Stab Them With Your

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