Paroles The Man Who Would Be King de Dio

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  • Artiste: Dio8815
  • Chanson: The Man Who Would Be King
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Textes et Paroles de The Man Who Would Be King

Bless me father I must go away
To save us from the one's who don't believe
Confess me father I have sin but maybe
Angels really sing
Fot the man who would be king

We laugh at your religion
You people of the sand
We have no superstition
You can read it in our hands

Forgive me father for the change we bring
But it's all for the man who would be king

Don't leave a body standing
Not the holy not the small
Deliver us from evil
If it's yours we want it all

Lately father I've been wondering
Is the devil just the man who would be king

How can right be ever wrong
We are glory we are stronger than you

We never got an answer
But it's just too late to ask
The bloody flag was waving
And our hearts just ran too fast

Curse me father for the chains we bring
And don't believe the man who would be king

We never got an answer
Cause the question slipped my mind
I've been so busy killing
That I haven't found the right time

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