Paroles Da Land de Dirty

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  • Artiste: Dirty13518
  • Chanson: Da Land
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Textes et Paroles de Da Land

(feat. Burn One, Mr. Blue, Pimpin' Small)

Yeah Dirty up in here son
It's the original, the Haitian straight from Kingston the Virgin Island
Better known for the Swamp
Come doooooown!!

[The Pimp]
Now I'm up early in the mornin' scratchin' my ass (ughhh)
Pick out my black and cream gators with the shirt to match
Hop in the shower and I'm back later 6 minutes flat
Brush all my gold teeth then I hop in the Lac (okay)
You see them all gold rims, they 250 like that
Them junkies down the street'll shine 'em for a nickel of crack
I got them woofers in the back shakin' the trunk like that
If I ain't rollin' Eightball, hell I'm beatin' that Outkast
Since I'm on this side now let me get me a sack
I get my wood from Pimpin' Small cause they obese and fat
Before I get to his house shit I'll probably smoke me a black
Or hit the store and buy me some Newports in a soft pack
And I don't even like cigarettes cause I'm a weed-head fiend
When I smell that wood nigga it's like the first day of spring
Shit be good to a nigga, let me get 2 for 15
Really 10 cause I owe ya 5 from last week
Cause we gon' ride and ball all day
Turn off of ? Street and hit ? Parkplace
I got that crack that cut like butter nigga Parkay
Now did you get that, I'm finna pass P the coke
I see my kinfolks, my Crips and Bloods slangin' dope
And that's why cause there's plenty junkies out here smoked
We hit the Boulevard headed to the liquor store
That's kinda odd you didn't hear the Pimp freak a hoe
I hit the Eastside and get some head I'm out the do'
Now I'm on the Westside where the money flow
Money flow, money flow, money flow, money flow, money flow

Weeeell we in Da Land where these niggaz got love for the cash
Da Land where these niggaz dump slugs in yo ass
Da Land where these niggaz ride vogues on triple golds
Da Land where these niggaz stay hi off weed smoke
That's why I love Montgomery like I love women
Cause every nigga from the Gump got a little thug in 'em
I love Montgomery like I love women
Cause every nigga from the Gump got a little thug in 'em

[Pimpin' Small]
You know the Roly I sport it keep on windin'
All that flossin' on gold it be on tires
Any track my voice on must be the finest
You check yo ice you check my ice, my ice the shinest
???? I can't deny it
A junkie hi off weed is how you'll find me
My name is Small but I'm not small timin'
I'm with them Dirty Boys and all I do is ride shit

[Burn One]
Now if you catch me with yo girl you'll probably spray at me
But when them junkies want them dubs they throw that pay at me
I'm Da Burn One shawty, them hoes stay at me
So since I'm with them Dirty Boys throw some play at me
I got some niggaz that'll ride all day with me
And when that shit poppin' off they bust a K with me
Now if you see me in my hood nigga wave at me
And if you got that killa wood throw some hay at me


[Mr. Blue]
That nigga Blue off in this bitch I'm hollerin' Dirty for life
Keep on spittin' out that shit that make them niggaz rewind
Keep on spittin' out that shit that make them niggaz do time
Keep on spittin' out that shit that make them hoes recline
Ride my Chevy through the Gump and niggaz know that it's mine
Cause my headlights be on and all my gold teeth shine (bling)
Love the Gump like I love Dirty, girls, and rhymes
And I'm gon' love it till the day the Lord holds it down

[Mr. G]
Now down here we quick to buck fool, niggaz quick to rush you
So you haters better watch what you say
Oooh my nigga when we smoked out, niggaz gettin' choked out
We let them automatic 9 milli's spray
Now we in Da Land where them drugs be too clout, them hoes smoke you out
When them niggaz talk shit we run up in them niggaz house
We them niggaz from the Gump it ain't so hard to believe
Collide with these and nigga you gon' get yourself ??
I got much love for my city, nothin' but thugs in my city
If you lookin' for some head we got scrubs that give plenty
And it don't take much, just some weed and some Remy
They'll break ya off quick and won't ask for a penny
We stay ridin' in them Lacs, boy we deep in the back
Cause my city ain't no act, we'll lay ya down flat
Shit I know my clique a mess and they don't care nothin' bout the rest
We gon' lock this bitch down and make these niggaz show respect


Yeeeeeah, for real
Dirty Organization
My nigga Big Pimp, Mr. G, Pimpin' Small, Da Burn One, Mr. Blue
And you know last but not least the Haitian, you know
One time

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