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Dirty Heads
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  • Chanson: Neighborhood
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Textes et Paroles de Neighborhood

Be my neighbor
I never sweat when I'm
Be my neighbor
I feel much better when I'm
Be my neighbor
I never sweat when I'm
Be my neighbor
I feel much better when I'm
Be my neighbor
I never sweat it when I'm
Be my neighbor
I never sweat it

Verse 1:
Well I just got out the water and I'm late for school I asked dirty to skip and said that's cool so I grabbed up on my skate and we went to get a magnum I said fuck it make the grade graduation I don't have it and now its 3 years later and I still haven't walked I used to get kicked out of class now I get paid for when I talk and you can jump on my streets that I come from beach I now that you're pissed cuz you didn't make this beat and I know you don't like me but I know you like my flow I know you don't like me cuz I say dude and bro lot of rappers talk bout things they don't know how to do drugs have sex get drunk and rock a show I love coming home cuz its always so wonderful cuz when your in your neighborhood your much more comfortable.

(Course x1)

Verse 2:
Went out of my way your feeling alone as a distance pressures away you could be home where I fit in. I'm reminiscing about the days were we didn't care two dirty kids with no shoes and long hair no car but front porch and two chairs no place to go no way to get there

These Cali woman be the best I've seen be the best I've seen be the best I've seen Cali weed be the brightest green be the brightest green be the brightest green.

(Course x1)

Verse 3:

Move move move move
Let the beat dra let the beat droop

(Course x2)

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