Paroles Sometimes de Dirty

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  • Artiste: Dirty13518
  • Chanson: Sometimes
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Textes et Paroles de Sometimes

[Intro: Big Pimp]
Yeah, Dirty Boyz back
I know in life, sometimes it seem like you might be stressed
with a lotta problems that you can't answer
But sometimes you gotta go to somebody like..
your mama, your grandma, or... hell my nigga, shit
just get down on them knees at night... and ask the Lord
'Cause sometimes man, we can't answer everything for ourselves

[Verse 1: Big Pimp]
Sometimes this world have a nigga spirit so low
You gotta look up just to see the flo'
Man, I don't understand how my life supposed to go
With no instructions, tell me Lord how I'm suppose to know
The only path we learn to take is criminal-thug-killers
Psycho-mad gang members, robbers, and drug dealers
Sometimes the ones that act concern be the ones that burn
Them niggaz you think your homies'll cut you when your back is turned
That's why you watch your front, and never slip with your eyes closed
Niggaz down here will kill ya and leave your eyes open
I never gave a damn about nan bitch that ever left me
I only gave a damn 'bout al'n bitch that ever help me
On one of these song I had to asked my mama to pray for me
I got a good heart, so I know God got a place for me
Can't wait to see... my niggaz Tupac and B.I.G
Big Pun, Aaliyah, Jam Master J, and Eazy-E
My niggaz Bad Ed and Willie D off Mildred Street
Everybody put your hands up if you feeling me
If me and G ain't have the love from y'all, where would we be?
That's way 'fore every show I gotta get down on my knee
If y'all can spend y'all bill money just to come see me
I ain't ashamed to thank all y'all for feedin' my seeds
If God gave His only Son, what 'bout Pimp and G?
If Jesus died for the world, me and G gon die for the streets

Sometimes I'm in the hood, sometimes I'm on the block
Sometimes I'm selling wood, sometimes I'm selling rocks
Sometimes I fight them tears, sometimes I wanna cry
Sometimes I wanna live, sometimes I wanna die
Sometimes I call my homies, sometimes I call on Jesus
Sometimes I call my mama, sometimes because I need her
Sometimes I fight the tears, sometimes I wanna cry
Sometimes I wanna live, sometimes I wanna die

[Verse 2: Mr. G-stacka]
Sometimes I wish that I was never born
But wander when I go, when I get ghost, how my folk gon truly morn
I pray the Lord'll take me in His arms
But all the hell I made since I been raised, shit I know that's where I'm goin'
Sometime to clear my mind, I smoke and ride
Bust the blunt and put the 'dro inside, now I'm smokin' till I'm high
To ease the pain and help me get by
But gettin' by this pain is fuckin' with my brain, no matter how I try
Thug until I die(until I die), just look me in my eye(in my eye)
If you look deep inside, you'll probably see a thug cry
From all I been through(been through), we 'posed to been blew(been blew)
That's cause it been due, and niggaz knew we been true
Love for the real G's (G's), love for the real streets (streets)
Love for the real thugs (thugs), slugs for the real weak
Sometimes I feel like "Fuck the world", cause it's been fuckin' me
That's why I never sleep


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