Paroles Shine de Disbelief

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  • Artiste: Disbelief8827
  • Chanson: Shine
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Textes et Paroles de Shine

shine, shine

I'm so depressed, I'm so alone
with my own thoughts
they, never been told

it's like a tunnel, no light sorrounds me
I loose my aim
and I'm in grief

shine, shine...

my time will come, then I'll shine
I'm looking back
subjected life

until it's true I must be strong
I've to stand tall
without a doubt

am I blind
no, I'll shine, I'll shine, I will...

shine - shine - shine - shine

it's just one step, it's just one thought
keeps me alive
to carry on

it's not for you, only for me
it's like a wonder
and now I'm in love

am I blind
no, I'll shine, I'll shine, I will...

shine - shine

that was my story of bitterness and no glory
now see me shine, now see me shine

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