Paroles Dystopia de Dismantled

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  • Artiste: Dismantled23491
  • Chanson: Dystopia
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Textes et Paroles de Dystopia

Conditioned knowledge
Arranged through screens
Controlled emotions
Aligned through dreams
Repressed desires
Maintained by fear
Imprisoned faith
No will to flee

The order is issued
Enforced by steel
Compliance required
The transfer begins
Assembled and numbered
Assigned to cells
Injected and wired
Reality fades

Program your minds
Program your dreams
Program your lies
Program your thoughts

program your thoughts
program your lies
program your dreams
program your lies
program your thoughts
program your dreams
program your thoughts
program your lies

Awake at last
All thoughts are clear
A strength is present
The walls disappear
You stand surrounded
Feel no constraints
New blood is flowing
Through artificial veins

* Chorus *

The sky is burning blue again
A blinding light protects the gray
A stainless shield against the wind of change

A rising grid expands beyond
Converting stars to perfect form
Above horizons merging into gray

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