Paroles Enslaved To Bitterness de Dismember

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  • Artiste: Dismember4926
  • Chanson: Enslaved To Bitterness
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Textes et Paroles de Enslaved To Bitterness

[Music by : Blomqvist. Lyrics by : K?rki]

Uncontrollable death desire
Rules your darkened world
Ensnared in bitterness
And self inflicted misery

Reality comes crashing in
Through your fragile world
You realize your weakened state
And your soul fills with hate
You made your bed of nails
But there's no one to share it
No matter how you try
You obviously never learn

Strict adherence to formal ritual
Proves that one has nothing better to think about

[Lead: Blomqvist]

While you suffer in the world of pain
Wrestling pointless moral issues

Erratic and eccentric
Still predictable
Your sense of isolation
Cause irrational behaviour

[Lead: Sahlgren]

Strict adherence to formal ritual
Proves that one has nothing better to think about
Know that the nail that sticks out from the rest
Asks to be pounded violently

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