Paroles Feel The Darkness de Dismember

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  • Artiste: Dismember4926
  • Chanson: Feel The Darkness
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Textes et Paroles de Feel The Darkness

Pure origin of lethality
Vengeance calling
The casket embrace
Might keep me from falling
The shout I was born to answer
Prepared to slay
Stealing the cry from your tongue
As the world turns grey

Feel the darkness within
The sickest mind in battle wins
To survive and to kill
Bullets with a purpose to fill

In search of mental sanctuary, gun resting at the temple pointing towards the source of murderous thoughts
Be it that after killing my enemies, the only one left to kill is my self

Lunacy profound and raging
Beyond control
The time of the assassin
Taking its toll

Death will precede me like a shadow
Poisoned with hate
Joined by the truth of a gun
As it seals our fate

Feel the darkness spreading its wings

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