Paroles Questionable Ethics de Dismember

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  • Artiste: Dismember4926
  • Chanson: Questionable Ethics
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Textes et Paroles de Questionable Ethics

[Music by : Blomqvist, Estby, Sahlgren. Lyrics by : K?rki]

You look at me with eyes filled with pain
And I stare back with a promise of death
I'll rape your soul undeniably
Join the others in my gallery

Why bother question
The need to kill
Give in to pleasure
And let blood spill

Questionable ethics

Crimson tides gushes forth
As I cut your throat
Predator of first degree
The urban jungle is my killing field

Rip out your heart
And let it drip blood into your eyes
Then tear them out
And puke into your dead skull

Your tortured moans of agony
Join the voices in my head
Compose a wicked symphony
With the choir of the dead

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