Paroles For A Moment de Disney

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  • Artiste: Disney23493
  • Chanson: For A Moment
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Textes et Paroles de For A Moment

Okay, get a grip.
Get the hang of this flipper.
It's like slipping two feet into one big huge slipper.
This way is left, but which way is right?
Now I'll be circling in cirlces all night.
Oh, so this is forward, no problem.
I can't believe I can do this and more,
to swim in the sea like I walk on the shore.
Out of my shell, not closed up like a clam.
Got sea, this is me, here I am.
For a moment, all of me is alive and at home in the sea.
I'm swilring and twilring so gracefull and grand,
and not stubbing my toes getting stuck in the sand.
For a moment, life is cool.
I'm splashin' in the worlds biggest pool!
This is more than my thoughts ever thought it could be.
For a moment, just a moment, lucky me.

If only for one moment, I had shared with you all I know.
The sea wouldn't be a mystery, oh why did you have to go?

Everything's newer and brighter and bluer,
and truer to life than before.
Watch me soar!
For a moment, I can shine.
Got a grin and a fin that works fine.
My fingers are wrinkley,
and I really don't care if all of my curls have curled out of my hair.
For a moment, I can feel.
All the dreams I've been dreaming are real.
I wish my mother could hear it, the sea is my song.
For a moment, just a moment, I belong.

I will find you my darling, and the moment that I do,
I'll hold you close my Melody, and sing the song of the sea with you!
Sing the song of the sea with you!

For a moment, I belong!

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