Paroles The Other Side de Disphoria

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  • Artiste: Disphoria9362
  • Chanson: The Other Side
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Textes et Paroles de The Other Side

Subconscious devour us and we enjoy it
It controls our mind and we can't do anything
This ignorance can be fatal but we stay speechless
Because these intuitions are totally unknown

Delight in sorrow seems to be a solution
But if we do that, we go astray

I'm searching for my mind
What is there hidden behind
I don't know myself yet
But one day I will find the key

I must be too weak
I cannot control my dreams
Despite all my perseverance!!!

Sleep child of mine, you will dream sweetly
Sleep child of mine, die for me!!!

I do belong to myself
You are stronger than I thought
I do belong to nothing
You're inside of me!

I'm flying through this unknown part of my soul
Looking for my hidden knowledge
A strange sensations overwhelming my thoughts
I see my face then I begin to cry

Staring at me, trying to fly away
He's killing his body and getting ready to go
Praying for nothing I fuckin' have to die
But I have reach for my goal

Kill me! I will...
I see my hands, is it a dream or a harsh reality?
I am just a worm
I have fallen asleep
I am the other side!!!

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