Paroles What U Know de Dj Drama & Lil Wayne

Dj Drama & Lil Wayne
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  • Artiste: Dj Drama & Lil Wayne10942
  • Chanson: What U Know
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Textes et Paroles de What U Know

Im a New Orleans gangtsa, after the storm
Boy it took bout 3 million to rebuild my home
But, Im back on defense Im back in the zone
I eat rappers go in my yard and barry they bones
My pockets on raven symone
Thats fat wutchu know bout that, huh!?!
So Im a keep it goin' keep it movin' we can do it I aint trippin
So far ahead of them niggaz we got a time difference
Dont confuse me wit them, Im different
Tryin to holla at TIP for a movie audition
I push that Masaradi to the limit
Six seconds through that traffic like Emmit
I tell them niggaz hury and buy
And if you try snitch you'll get barried alive
Yeah, and I dont chase 'em like you do
I keep a bad bicth skatin' like New-New

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