Paroles Mind On My Money de Dj Screw

Dj Screw
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  • Artiste: Dj Screw13914
  • Chanson: Mind On My Money
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Textes et Paroles de Mind On My Money

(feat. The Screwed Up Click)

[Everybody talking]
Man it's about five in the motherfuckin' morning (Ha, ha, ha)
And a nigga can't sleep (Ha, ha, ha), ya know what I'm sayin'
I'm thristy than a bitch, what's the deal
Shit I'm bout to call up my bitch in the paint
See what she up to, know what I'm sayin'
Pull over and see what's the deal, know what I'm sayin'
Nineteen ninety motherfuckin' nine (Nineteen ninety nine)
Nineteen ninety nine, can't you see, nineteen ninety nine
(The whole Screwed Up Family) third coast, H-Town
Texas ballers (Real G's hook it up)
Got my money on my mind (Cause we down south)

We got our mind on our money, money on our mind
Screwed Up Click for life and ya know we put it down
We got our mind on our money, money on our mind
Finger on our trigga nigga, hand on our nine

[DJ Screw]
I gotta thinkin' that I'm makin money all day
And to my niggas that know, we all ball this way
Never ever set trippin' got love for G's
Pimpin' on my nigga, rise up of these
I broke em' off in 92 schools, shit on the under
96, 97 gotta trunk full of thunder
All screwed up, pausin' music in the streets
And got the Feds kickin' down doors searchin' for the cheese
Down south, black Jeeps slangin' dope ass tapes
Chopin' up records, spittin' game in the brace
Outsiders lookin' in tryin' to see what I'm doin'
I'm inside lookin' out now they plan is ruined
Police takin' pictures of the crib yellin' "Drugs sold"
100,000 sold, what the fuck I need drug fo'
DJ Screw, independent in this game
Sippin' Cogn with my niggas, ain't a damn thang changed

[Hook x2]

I didn't fall off like ya thought I would
I done hopped of lockdown, ballin' in the hood
G'd up on the set, soakin' wet
Hoes lickin' my sweat, from my ankles to my neck
And I ain't through yet, fixin' to cash my check
Smoke a gank of stanky dank and ride until the sunset
In my Hoo-Doo jammin' nothin' but screw-zoo
Makin' boo-koo, I'm on the ends like I used to
Still true to the game, swervin' lane to lane
Mary Jane got my window pane foggy in the rain
And man what a shame I feel so good
Fresh off lock, a nigga back in the hood
Ballin' outta control pockets roll to get swole up
Screwed Up Click worldwide and takin' over
Southside for life, this is Al-D
Livin' my life as a young black G

[Hook x2]

Yeah my cars roll candy and my hoops stay tinted
Southside, 3rd Ward represent like I'm in it
Now these niggas out here comin' and these cuts ain't givin' a damn
Better adapt, as they strapped, why these hoes got me tapped
Get a slub and hit em' in the freckles
Lookin' for Hyde crock a lie with the Jeckyll
Chick be a trip so I peep when I flip
They get more and more hip with every bumpin' hit
With the turns, lettin' it burn, dodgin' white folks
Zones to the dome got me guffed in weed smoke
These streets be like freaks ready to fuck, butt naked
Get some of that head when they least expect it
Glock sittin' on my hood's hip and I'ma bail
That shit was hell, had my ace brain under my fingernail
Better smell the dope analyze the lines
Gone off pine stayin' crooked all the times

[Hook x2]

In this game if ya snooze ya lose
I paid my dues, roads to riches is the path I choose
Stackin' my fetti full focus, with my eyes on the prize
Watchin' for hoes and foes while I'm on the uprise
Fill the heater with extra clips, rollin' so low
Cause ya never know what homo wanna break ya off on the low low
Ridin' for mine cause I trust my bitch, my glock
For these niggas that shortstop, I bombard they road blocks
And marked for death versus a damn Mafia hit
Got me fucked up from droppin' LP's with the Click
We talk the talk and we walk the walk
Realest niggas from the south straight hoggin' with the galk
We got our mind on our money, money on our mind
My fingers on my trigga and I'm gone off nine

[DJ Screw ad-libs]

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