Paroles Freestyle (With Tony Yayo / G-Unit) de Dj Whookid

Dj Whookid
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  • Artiste: Dj Whookid14083
  • Chanson: Freestyle (With Tony Yayo / G-Unit)
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Textes et Paroles de Freestyle (With Tony Yayo / G-Unit)

(feat. Tony Yayo (G-Unit))

("Mind Playin Tricks On Me '94" by Scarface beat)

It's a regular day and a regular routine
Til I hear this tragic news from up out these fiends
"Your man 50, just got popped nine times and I heard threw
the great vine it's all cause his rhymes."
In front of his grandmom standin' on the lawn
wearin' no teflon, I wonder if he gone
I know in my heart I wanna cry
Having thoughts in my mind that my man gon' die
As I frantically run towards 50's spot
I panically peep like fifty cops
It was blue and whites, DT's and homicide
With yellow tape blocked off on both sides
With four-fifth shells on the floor
The DT's ringin' doorbells goin' door to door
Yo I'm stressed out, smoking bogey after bogey
Duck in the ??? cause the ??? (fucking) know me
I jumped in G's truck and got a mac to spit
And we did ??? ?? ???
At the time, I started to think back and (shit)
How we used to sling crack and stack our chips
Wit Kev, Pete Low, Big June and kid
And my man 50 used to smack a (bitch)
And the good and the bad on the 1-3-4
And them hoes that we had at the Cash Money tour
Now I'm at the hospital, stop daydreaming
All I see is 5-5-1 and it's beefin
Baby moms screamin' whole family grieving
But the word is, that my mans still breathing
I drop to my knees and I thank the Lord
and got a long (shit)list all across the board

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